We help you to achieve financial freedom and unlock the power of choice

ABOUT Cope & associates

We empower our clients with the knowledge and confidence to truly understand their businesses financial performance, taxes & obligations

We believe that financial freedom is the total clarity & understanding of a businesses financials. The business can cover taxes, expenses & overheads with ease whilst having multiple income streams. It allows the owner to  make confident decisions & live a financially free life, that their business can fully support.

When a business achieves financial freedom, the power of choice is unlocked.

financial reporting  |  taxes  |  bookkeeping & cashflow

We're a team of experienced accountants that design brilliant business strategy & have the qualifications & skills to prepare accounts, plan for tax and everything in between.
From monthly bookkeeping, data analysis & reporting & even your registered office; our dedicated team makes sure all the elements of your business are pulled together.


“Cope & Associates saved me thousands in tax & enabled me to focus solely on growing my business ”

Emily De Luzy
Fit Queen

“Lauren & the team have literally transformed our business within two months”

Vicky Owens
Socially Speaking Media

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Our profit & loss review guide is an essential tool to assessing profit within your business. This FREE resource will take you through how to locate your figures and plot them into a Profit & Loss Statement.