about cope & associates

We deliver high-touch support. Our proven techniques allow visionary businesses to achieve long term growth, financial freedom and true clarity. We're licenced accountants; we uphold our ethical and moral values to the highest standard.  We respect your privacy and treat all of your information with strict confidentially. 

Lauren Cope, CEO

Lauren began her career in accountancy over 15 years ago. Working with hundreds of clients across all industries in the UK, Lauren gained a wealth of experience from tax, strategy and financial aspects. 

In 2017, Lauren began Cope & Associates; a licenced accountancy firm with a focus on the creative industries and delivering an excellent experience.

Today, along with her dedicated team, Lauren supports a substantial portfolio of brilliant clients. 

About our clients

We work with visionary businesses; creative and intuitive founders who are extremely passionate and big picture thinkers. 
They have a strong vision for their company and are often incredible leaders. 
Visionary businesses need high-touch support, focusing on clear and comprehensive data together with our expert guidance to achieve their mission and ultimate vision.